The cPanel Control Panel used to be the proven pioneer amongst website hosting administration interfaces not too long ago. When web hosting gained popularity, the cPanel system did not adjust to the new circumstances and suit the needs of the developing website hosting market any more.

The SUNPROGRAMMER Control Panel was made to operate on a cloud website hosting platform and can quickly be scaled any time a new capability is designed. It’s really a 1–stop site management interface for maintaining your Internet presence including your site names, websites, invoicing in addition to your tech support tickets.

1. Domain name/billing/site adjustments

The SUNPROGRAMMER Control Panel allows you to efficiently control all your domain names, e–mail addresses and sites with simply a click of the mouse. By doing this, it will be easy to manage all aspects of your web presence within one location.

If you need independent website management interfaces – one for your web sites, and yet another from where you can handle your domains and payments, then cPanel is made for you. However, you’ll need to sign into two places all at once to efficiently maintain your web presence.

2. File Structure

Using the SUNPROGRAMMER Control Panel, each domain name and subdomain will have own directory inside the root cloud web hosting account directory. In this manner, all sites are going to be independent from one another.

If you attempt to handle a variety of web sites from a single cPanel website hosting account, it can be really confusing. You’ll have just one master website and all of the additional web sites and subdomains will be included into its folder as subfolders. If you wish to avail of an individual folder for each individual web site, you must use separate Control Panel tools for each.

3. File Manager

Using the File Manager of the SUNPROGRAMMER Control Panel, you will have full control over the files of your websites. It will be easy for you to speedily add new files by using drag & drop capability, effectively edit a few files simultaneously via the multi–selection functionality, unzip archives with a mouse click, modify files with the inbuilt plain and WYSWYG managers and much more.

The cPanel’s File Manager will provide you with restricted control of your files and directories. You will have trouble adding numerous files at the same time and won’t be able to drag and drop files since this operation is just not included. A zip/unarchive function is not made available either. File modifying applications are also limited.

4. 100–percent–free Bonus Features

With the SUNPROGRAMMER Control Panel, you will get lots of free bonuses put together by us. They come 100% free with each web hosting service, which utilizes our Control Panel. With each package, you have available instruments like the Straightforward Website Installer, the Web Application Installer, the PHP 1 Click Framework Installer, the Complimentary Site Creator, a set of Advanced Applications, and much more.

The free extras incorporated in the cPanel Control Panel can differ from zero to a few. All of the 100–percent–free extras inside the cPanel Control Panel are licensed software and are accessible to you on condition that your hosting vendor has acquired a certificate to distribute them. This way, if your provider zero–cost bonus tools together with your package, they will actually increase the price of the service.

5. Control Panel Performance Rates

The SUNPROGRAMMER Control Panel has been engineered using the latest web technologies. This way, it makes use of fully the power of your browser and Internet connection to so you can take care of your web sites extremely fast. In our evaluation tests, when doing equivalent jobs, SUNPROGRAMMER’s Control Panel reached 3 times quicker speeds than competitive control panel solutions.

cPanel is still performing on a platform from 2000’s and may certainly be sluggish occasionally. The cPanel team has carried out a vital step with the roll–out of cPanel accelerated. Nevertheless, in evaluation tests, prevalent website administration operations frequently present much better results with alternative Control Panel solutions.

6. Multi–domain Control

The SUNPROGRAMMER Control Panel offers you a unique solution to manage numerous domains and web sites from one simple point–and–click interface. Domain name management is seamless and changing to website management means you simply have to transfer to another area of the Control Panel.

With cPanel, it’s impossible to manage your domain names and your web sites from just one place, since the two interfaces are split up. You need to sign into 2 individual places anytime you want to change your domain features and web site file contents at the same time.

7. Control Panel Navigation

The SUNPROGRAMMER Control Panel is actually simple to get around. You’ll find a practical top menu, from which you may get to just about any area of the Control Panel, without having to get back to the main page each time. In addition, we have integrated a quick statistics widget on the index page, so any time you sign in, you will have a glance at how many visitors have recently attended your website.

In the cPanel Control Panel, the main page is the sole place that has hyperlinks to the different areas. Should you go into a menu and want to easily move to another, you will need to get back to the main page and go further from there. This type of navigation may slow down your task when you want to quickly perform several operations concurrently.

8. Trial Control Panel Accounts

With the SUNPROGRAMMER Control Panel, we’ve prepared a feature–rich demo version for you to examine prior to sign–up. You’ll have access to an evaluation web hosting plans account from where you’re able to set up mail accounts, install web applications, create brand–new subdomains, and also make a website with any of SUNPROGRAMMER’s web–site constructors, etcetera. If you like what you have come up with – you you can easily join us within the demo account and preserve anything you have created so far.

The cPanel Control Panel demo is actually a screen–shot of what’s in the main menu. Virtually every function that’s shown included there is inactive. Thus, when you sign up, you’ll have no clue how the different instruments and characteristics of the Control Panel in reality work.

Rather than learning facts about the SUNPROGRAMMER Hosting Control Panel, you can easily examine the Live Demo and see yourself how simple and easy site managing could be.

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